Sheriff Confirms Remains Are That of Missing Teen

Sheriff Confirms Remains Are That of Missing Teen

Sheriff Confirms Worst Nightmare – Missing Teen’s Parents DEVASTATED

( – Authorities in Nevada County, California, confirmed that remains found in a reservoir belong to a teen missing in the area since August 6. Kiely Rodni, a 16-yr-old, left a party with friends, told her mother she was on her way home, and vanished, seemingly into thin air.

On August 21, rescue workers pulled Rodni’s silver Honda SUV from the Prosser Creek Reservoir near Truckee. According to SFGATE, Captain Sam Brown of the Nevada County Sheriff’s office said the discovery came as a surprise, as crews with sophisticated equipment searched the area extensively and found nothing. It was a reality-based YouTube operation that ultimately uncovered the horrific scene.

Adventures With Purpose is a dive team that searches for people authorities have trouble finding. Within a day of arriving on the scene, the group posted on Facebook that Kiely was found in an upside-down vehicle under 14 feet of water.

Captain Brown expressed some concerns with the operation’s communication but ultimately praised it for completing the mission his own team couldn’t. The lawman believes debriefing the divers and learning their methods could help his people and others in the future.

Kiely’s family posted a touching note on Instagram announcing her departure from this world and asking for privacy as they celebrate her life.

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