She ADMITTED It – Leftist Agenda Comes FULL CIRCLE

( – Georgia State Rep. Mesha Mainor is speaking out, accusing the Democratic Party of prioritizing migrants over Black children.

In a tweet, Mainor stated that during election years the Democrats say, “Black Lives Matter!” but she said millions are being sent to the southern border for migrants while Black communities get nothing which she does not agree with. In the video that accompanied her tweet she also said, “I’m not backing down,” and that she is just “getting started.”

In the video, she also mentions that a recent vote has left her “in the crosshairs” of the Democrats in the Georgia state House. She voted in support of a school choice bill that was unsuccessful. She explained that she always votes for what is best for her communities over party. She also stated that she supports school choice as well as parental rights, and votes for opportunities that allow children to be set up for success.

Reading proficiency rates of some schools in her district is 3 percent, and many students cannot do basic math. Mainor has said she will not apologize for voting forwhat is best for the members of the district she represents.

In response to her vote, Georgia state Sen. Josh McLaurin is offering challengers to Mainor $1,000 donations, saying that she is more Republican than she is Democrat on many issues, not just school choice. Georgia state Rep. Michelle Au also tweeted that the issue is more about simply voting differently than the Democrats. In her tweet, Au said that it is about “whipping votes” in favor of the bill which Democrats stated was “harmful” and that they had taken a “caucus position against.”

First elected in 2020, Mainor represents District56, where the household income is $53,000 for half the district. The national median income is $62,000. Twenty percent of the voters are Hispanic while half are Black.

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