Senator Reveals More Biden Family Members Exposed for Corruption

( – Republican Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin says the House committee investigating Hunter Biden has found more family members who took part in the alleged corruption of the first son.

Johnson made an appearance on Newmax’s “Wake Up America” on Tuesday and said investigators are “finding more Biden family members that were part of the grift.” Johnson said that GOP Reps. James Comer and Jim Jordan appeared at a lunch the previous week and laid out all of “the corruption and the evidence” to his Senate colleagues.

The senator hopes more GOP senators will “be on board” and “supportive of what the House is doing.” Johnson thinks “the corruption” of the Justice Department and federal law enforcement is obvious from how long it took to bring charges against Hunter Biden.

According to Johnson, “there was more than enough evidence” from his investigation to convince Americans that Biden should never have been elected, which didn’t happen because the information wasn’t reported to the public. Had Americans known, Johnson says they would not have voted for Biden because his corruption would “compromise his presidency,” which Johnson said is what “we’re living with today.”

Johnson also weighed in on the war between Russia and Ukraine, calling for peaceful diplomatic negotiations to bring the conflict to an end. He described Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin, as a “war criminal” and said that “more Ukrainians [and] Russians are going to die” every single day “that the war continues.” Johnson said a quiet way to end the war must be sought.

As Biden faces an impeachment inquiry and his son faces criminal charges, his administration continues to fill up Ukraine’s war coffers, funding the ongoing conflict as a mountain of domestic issues pile up leading into the 2024 election season.

It’s unclear if the president will be impeached, but Johnson and many other GOP lawmakers believe some consequences for Biden are long overdue.

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