Senator Lindsey Graham Sent WARNING By Committee!

( – On March 23, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) was warned by the Ethics Committee in the Senate about asking for money for Herschel Walker, a Senate candidate from Georgia.

This all started with an interview Graham gave to Fox News on November 30. In the interview, Graham requested political donations at the Russell Senate Office Complex, which is against Senate regulations.

Graham encouraged listeners to contribute to Walker’s cause through many times during his presentation. In a letter dated March 23 from Chairman of the Ethics Committee Chris Coons (D-DE) and Vice Chairman James Lankford (R-OK), Graham, who had been a key proxy for Walker’s campaign in 2022, had reported about his rule-breaking to the committee. 

Lankford and Coons stated that the Committee is confident that the Senate community knows this rule and its reasoning because it has been clear and consistent all through their years of service in the Senate. This includes the restriction on candidacy requests in government facilities and the limitations on using official assets for campaign business. The people of the US must trust that their representatives will utilize government resources exclusively for official measures that further the national interest and not for personal activity.

They added that the committee rejected the case in March 2021 after concluding that the offending behavior was accidental and out of character. Graham received a letter informing him of the conclusion and subsequent action.

But the breach of the rules of the Senate in October 2020 was taken into account by the Ethics Panel when they formally admonished Graham with the March 23 letter.

In a statement, Graham said that he regrets the transgression and accepts full responsibility for it. He said that he will strive to improve his rule-following in the future. If he can help it, he will strive to improve in the future.

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