Senator Goes VIRAL For All the WRONG Reasons!

( – Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman is facing backlash for comments on a viral video that shows a woman suffering from a mental health episode.

Fetterman used viral video footage of Tiffany Gomas on board a July 2 American Airlines flight in an effort to attack 2024 Republican Senate candidate David McCormick. The video shows an emotional Gomas stating that she is fearful that something is wrong with the plane, adding that she believes one of the other passengers is “not real.”

A meme was then made of the incident. Gomas later apologized and called for more awareness of mental health issues. She has also stated that she wants to “promote positive mental health.”

On Aug. 14, Fetterman’s Twitter account posted a version of the video that had been altered to make the implication that McCormick is not a “real” Pennsylvanian because he spends time at his home in Westport, Connecticut. He then used the video to seek donations for Sen. Bob Casey, whom McCormick is challenging. Fetterman says to donate to Casey in order to “keep a true Pennsylvanian in the Senate.”

Earlier this year, Fetterman spent six weeks being treated for clinical depression at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. He also suffers from communication issues after having a stroke in 2022.

Many users spoke out on social media about the hypocrisy of Fetterman’s post.

One user noted that it says all you need to know about him that he’s using someone’s mental health episode as a joke after suffering from his own. Other users noted that he should be more sympathetic after suffering his own issues.

One social media user noted that Fetterman “should understand how hurtful it is to use someone’s mental health crisis as a punchline.”

Many social media users, even those who stated they back Fetterman and Casey, said their teams should know better than to use a mental health crisis to seek donations.

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