Santos Faces Calls To Resign After Ethics Report Drops

( – New York Representative George Santos, a Republican facing intense scrutiny, is facing calls to step down after an Ethics Committee report raised serious allegations against him. The report, released on Thursday, pointed fingers at Santos for misusing campaign funds for personal needs and engaging in deceptive conduct, among other accusations. In response to the report, Santos defended himself at length and proposed a constitutional convention under Article V.

Despite Santos’ announcement not to run for re-election, he’s now under pressure from both sides of the political spectrum to resign. New York Democratic Representative Ritchie Torres criticized Santos for misusing campaign funds on inappropriate expenses, highlighting Santos’ decision not to seek re-election. Following the damning report, House Ethics Committee Chairman Michael Guest from Mississippi said he wants to expel Santos from Congress during the next session.

The House Ethics Committee’s report suggests clear evidence of Santos’ misappropriation of campaign funds and deception of donors. As a result, Santos announced he wouldn’t pursue re-election in 2024.

His two campaign aides pleaded guilty to charges connected to his campaign, and Santos faces 23 federal felony charges. He has pleaded not guilty, and his trial is slated for next year in Long Island.

The Ethics Committee’s report highlighted alleged violations by Santos beyond those detailed in the Justice Department’s indictments, referring their findings to the department. Investigations revealed campaign funds were used for personal expenses, including botox treatment, purchases at Hermes and Sephora, and subscriptions on the adult site OnlyFans.

Despite Santos’ defense, the report emphasizes his active involvement in misconduct and alleged dishonesty during the inquiry. Multiple House members plan to introduce resolutions to remove Santos from office after Congress reconvenes post-Thanksgiving. Santos survived two prior attempts to oust him while Republicans waited for the Ethics Committee’s findings.

The Thursday report concluded that Santos deceitfully exploited every aspect of his House candidacy for personal gain, allegedly stealing from his campaign and creating false loans to trick donors into contributing to his election funds.

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