Russell Brand Calls Out Amazon – “It’s Happening”

Russell Brand Calls Out Amazon -

Hollywood Superstar Sounds Alarm – “It’s Happening”

( – In early August, Amazon expanded one of its payment systems to dozens of stores. Comedian Russell Brand doesn’t like the way the new system works. In fact, he fears it will be the end of liberty.

On the latest episode of “Awakening with Russell,” titled “It’s Happening,” the comedian warned his audience about using the new Amazon One system. It is a payment method that allows people to link their palm prints with their credit or debit cards. When they finish shopping at one of the company’s partner stores, all they do is place their hand above an Amazon One device, and their bill is paid.

Brand told his viewers he thinks the payment method goes against the “concept of liberty.” He called it “nefarious” and wondered whether Big Tech is trying to steal data from consumers to increase its power. He said, “Move over freedom,” saying the company has “relationships with the police state” including federal agencies such as the FBI.

Brand explained he isn’t against technological advances; he just thinks people should decide whether this latest one is really for their convenience. He then exaggerated about being exhausted after pulling out his fictional wallet and debit cards to pay, joking that everyone isn’t “Joe Biden who can’t carry out rudimentary, simple procedures.”

The comedian made it clear he thinks the payment system will destroy freedom.

Do you agree with Brand? Or are you going to hand your biometric data over to Amazon?

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