Running For SENATE – Businessman Launches Bid!

( – In one of the most anticipated contests of the current election season, Bernie Moreno, a Republican businessman, filed papers on April 10 to become a candidate for Senate in Ohio, challenging Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown.

Columbus native Moreno has served on several boards and is active in industries as diverse as crypto-technology and auto sales. To run against Brown in the 2022 Republican primary, he will join state Senator Matt Dolan, another unsuccessful candidate.

Moreno has submitted papers to the FEC in his pursuit of a bid for the Senate of the United States. There has been widespread support for him to run for the Senate from business executives, funders, conservative activists, and voters over the last several weeks. They’ve come to realize that in order to unseat a liberal establishment politician such as Sherrod Brown, they’ll need to select a courageous outsider who is a conservative and is willing to take on the DC establishment and defend the rights of workers in Ohio.

After seeking guidance from Trump, Moreno decided to withdraw from the Republican primary for the 2022 midterm elections. To boost the possibilities of a MAGA-backed contestant, the two decided that Moreno should withdraw from the GOP primary since there were already numerous Trump contenders.

Some may be surprised by Moreno’s choice, but he says it’s the one he believes will offer us the greatest chance of victory. There is too much at risk. He believes the winner of the Senate election must take steps to reduce the size and scope of the federal government, bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States, and put an end to illegal immigration. It’s not unreasonable for Americans to want their government to shoulder their responsibilities.

Representative Warren Davidson and Frank LaRose, the Secretary of State for Ohio, both Republicans, are rumored to enter the race shortly. David McIntosh, president of the Club for Growth, has been lobbying for Davidson to run, while LaRose has just come to Trump’s support.

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