Ron DeSantis Puts His Money Where His Mouth Is With Law Enforcement

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis just proved himself again, this time as the state’s biggest pro-law enforcement leader. His administration recently announced bonuses for hundreds of new law enforcement officers as part of their Law Enforcement Recruitment Bonus program.

“We are proud to welcome law enforcement officers from across the nation to Florida, where they are appreciated,” DeSantis said on Twitter.

DeSantis has a proven track record of supporting law enforcement when calls to defund them was most prominent from Democrats after the George Floyd riots. In April of this year, the Florida governor made it his goal to be recognized as a supporter of those that are tasked to keep communities safe. In October, he also announced $5,000 bonuses for current officers in Cape Coral. The city was severely impacted by Hurricane Ian at the time, and many newly-recruited officers were “baptized” by the emergency response and recovery efforts.

In April, at the formal announcement and signing of HB 3, DeSantis revealed how he was planning on supporting newly recruited law enforcement officers. He spoke about not just bonuses, but scholarships, as well.

“While other parts of the country are mistreating, marginalizing, and de-funding law enforcement, in Florida we continue to prioritize and appreciate our law enforcement officers,” said Governor Ron DeSantis. “This legislation encourages Floridians to pursue careers in law enforcement and attracts high-quality law enforcement officers from other states who are sick and tired of the mistreatment they experience to bring their skills to Florida.”

Most new recruits have come from liberal states such as New York and Maryland. A lot of the other new officers able to enjoy the recruitment bonuses were already residing in Florida or Georgia. DeSantis’ goal in incentivizing people to either join the ranks for the first time or to come with experience from other states appears to be working.

DeSantis saw an opportunity that most other states have not yet realized. Supporting law enforcement officers at a time of deeply low morale, especially as the Biden administration undermines at both the state and federal levels, is a chance for someone like DeSantis to tell officers that they are supported and are not alone. Those wearing uniforms and badges are still human beings. They have feelings and needs as many other regular citizens in this country do. They are holding the line with bravery and courage in ways most others could never dare to do – and they deserve respect.

Vianca Rodriguez, Independent Political Analyst

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