Ron DeSantis Makes WAR DEMAND – It’s A Bold Step!

( – On April 25, Governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican from Florida, issued an appeal for an end to hostilities in the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

DeSantis referred to the conflict between the two countries earlier in March as an issue of territory. He said that it is impossible for the United States to put its involvement in a growing conflict in another country ahead of the protection of its own citizens and territory.

The circumstances of the conflict have the potential to become much more violent, according to DeSantis, if a compromise to put a halt to the bloodshed between both countries is not reached. He is of the opinion that nobody wants to find themselves in a scenario similar to the Battle of Verdun, in which they find themselves at an impasse after suffering tremendous financial losses and widespread fatalities. All parties involved should seek their best options to work toward reaching a point where they may cease all violence.

The Battle of Verdun lasted the longest span of time during World War I, at nine months in 1916. The struggle was responsible for the deaths of over 700,000 people on both the French and German sides.

In addition to this, DeSantis said that the region should be given less priority in our nation’s foreign policy, implying that the European nations are obligated to take a greater share of the responsibility of their own continent. If the region is the location where the majority of dangers to the United States reside, and if we are asked to be involved there, then they must prepare to step up their game.

They have been given protection by the United States, but according to what DeSantis claimed, it’s their territory. There are certain nations, like Poland, that are taking action, and this is something that should be recognized and commended. On the other hand, Germany is not taking any action.

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