Rock Star Threatens to Cancel Events Where Vaccines Passports Are Required

Rock Star Threatens To Cancel Events Where Vaccines Passports Are Required

( – As the Delta variant of COVID-19 spreads across the world, countries are thinking about imposing more restrictions. Vaccine passports are one of the hot topics in many places. These are apps or documents that allow people to prove they’re vaccinated in order to enter events and venues. Talk of these invasive passports made its way to the UK and one rockstar is making his position on the subject very clear.

On Monday, July 19, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced he’s mandating people show they’ve received both COVID-19 vaccine shots before entering nightclubs and other venues starting at the end of September. Sir Patrick Vallance, the country’s chief scientific adviser, called clubs and other crowded places dangerous because people have close contact. He said they’re all “potential super spreading events.”

Rocker Eric Clapton released a statement later that week saying he will cancel shows at any venue that requires a vaccine passport. The “Tears in Heaven” singer explained that he doesn’t support any policy that discriminates against people.

Fans of the singer are applauding him for standing up for people’s personal rights, forcing people to undergo medical treatment in order to enter a nightclub or anywhere else. Fortunately, President Joe Biden has said the vaccine will not be mandated in the US — at least not for now.

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