Robert De Niro’s Grandson Passes Away

( – The family of actor Robert De Niro is mourning the loss of his grandson, Leandro Anthony De Niro-Rodriguez. In a statement on July 3, De Niro expressed his sadness at the death of his grandson.

Leo was born to Drena De Niro, 51, who is the eldest child of the actor. Drena is the daughter of Robert De Niro’s first wife, Diahnne Abbott. Drena, a former model, has acted in several films, including “Joy” and “The Intern.”

Leo had just turned 19 years old at the time of his passing. An aspiring actor, he was in the 2018 film “A Star is Born” with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. According to IMDB, he acted in “The Collection” in 2005 and “Cabaret Maxime,” which also starred Michael Imperioli, in 2018. In both films, he worked with his mother.

De Niro’s family is grateful for the condolences but asks for privacy during this time of grieving.

Leandro’s mother, Drena De Niro, posted about her only son’s passing on Instagram, saying that Leandro was her “beautiful, sweet angel.”

She described her affection for him and pointed out that he was cherished and loved.

Drena’s social media was flooded with emotional comments from celebrities like Debi Mazar, Victoria Gotti, and Naomi Campbell, who expressed their condolences.

Leo’s father, Carlos Mare (Mare is short for Nightmare), a graffiti artist from New York, worked on the set of Robert De Niro’s film “The Good Shepherd” in 2006 and 2007 as a documentarian. He expressed his sorrow for his son’s death by posting a black square with no caption. His friends flocked to his Instagram to post comments about their love and appreciation for his son.

As per TMZ, the young actor was discovered unresponsive and unconscious in a New York City apartment by the police. A member of the EMS team pronounced him dead at the scene.

The official cause of death will be determined by a medical examiner.

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