RFK Jr Says Biden Lives in a Bubble

(USNewsMag.com) – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is coming up as the top contender with President Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination, and he’s beginning to unload more and more punches. His latest is an accusation that the president is speaking to donors more than to the American people in his rhetoric.

Kennedy told Fox News host Jesse Watters that he doesn’t “think it’s good for the American people” or the Democratic Party if Biden feels that in order to win, “the only people” he has to convince “are his donors. Kennedy said that “Americans are hurting like never before” and that “the president should be out talking” to people.” He accused Biden of “living in a bubble.

It stressed the importance of political leaders having “a dialogue” with the public and engaging with them directly, not just with donors and other politicians. Kennedy did have one compliment for the president, stating that Biden has “strong character,” prompting Watters to drag Biden for his delayed response to the devastating wildfire that destroyed huge sections of the island of Maui in Hawaii.

The Kennedy family is an established name in the Democratic Party, and despite the positions he takes contrary to the rest of his party, the Kennedy name will always mean something to people. When Kennedy’s uncle, President John F. Kennedy, was assassinated in 1963, it shocked the whole world. And then, when his father, Robert F. Kennedy Sr., also died by an assassin’s bullet, the family seemed cursed. His father also died on the campaign trail. Joe Rogan asked Kennedy during a recent appearance if he ever feared for his safety from intelligence agencies.

Kennedy also told Watters that if Biden is healthy enough to do so, he should debate him rather than avoid the other Democratic candidates.

So far, Kennedy, who is younger and in way better shape physically and mentally than Biden, seems to be the number one threat to Biden obtaining the 2024 nomination. Biden remains way ahead in the polls, though.

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