RFK Jr Calls Out Biden’s Border Policy

(USNewsMag.com) – Once again, Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is calling out President Joe Biden and his administration’s border policies, breaking from the common position of his fellow party members, many of whom are also beginning to speak out.

Kennedy made a campaign stop in Austin, Texas, where he mentioned the recent remarks made by Eric Adams, Mayor of New York City, who said the migrant crisis would “destroy” the Big Apple if something more isn’t done about it from the federal government.

The Democratic challenger for the White House reacted to the mayor’s remark by saying that “every city” in the US “has now become a border town,” referring to the sectors in border states like Arizona and Texas, where Kennedy delivered the remarks. Meanwhile, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott continues to send busloads of migrants to New York and other self-proclaimed “sanctuaries.”

Kennedy slammed Biden over the situation and criticized the administration’s announcement that work permits would be granted to 470,000 immigrants from Venezuela. Kennedy said handing out work visas only sends “a signal to the rest of the world” that the US will provide such visas to anyone who comes, which he said is “the last thing we want to signal” right now. Work visas, according to Kennedy, aren’t something that should be discussed “until the border is secure.”

“Seven million immigrants,” Kennedy noted, “have come across the border illegally” since Biden took office, while only 3.1 million came legally, which he said means the “drug cartels” in Mexico “are driving American border policy.”

This isn’t the first time Kennedy has criticized Biden in this way over the border. In May, he said Biden should’ve closed the borders while maintaining an “orderly immigration policy,” and that stating this isn’t “racist or insensitive.” Kennedy believes such “open-door policies” have created a “humanitarian crisis” in the form of human trafficking and exploitation by Mexican cartels.

Kennedy called for “unity” on this issue, which he maintains should not be a partisan issue, and urged those who support open borders to “look at the evidence” and “rethink their positions.”

He is currently the main contender against Biden for the 2024 Democratic nomination.

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