Republicans Are RAVING – New Challenger Has Trump SCARED

( – Committed to America, a new super PAC, has formed in support of former Vice President Mike Pence making a run for president. Though Pence has not announced if he is running for the 2024 Republican nomination for president, the formation of the super PAC is seen as a sign he could enter the race.

The super PAC is led by former aides to both Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and the former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan. 

The executive director for the super PAC is Bobby Saparow. Saparow led the 2022 re-election campaign of Kemp when Kemp won re-election over Stacy Abrams, a Democrat, by a larger margin than in 2018. Super PAC co-chairs are former Texas Rep. Jeb Hensarling and Scott Reed, who was the campaign manager for Senator Bob Dole’s 1996 presidential bid. 

Communications for the super PAC will be done by Mike Ricci. Ricci was Hogan’s communications director as well as spokesperson for both House speakers, Paul Ryan and John Boehner. 

At launch, the super PAC will have offices in both Dallas as well as Iowa.

The leaders of the super PAC see Pence’s experience as a governor and congressman of Indiana as well as experience as vice president as a way to establish himself if he chooses to run for president.

Historically, super PACs have been used in presidential bids to buy campaign ads in support of their preferred candidate, provide funding for get-out-the-vote drives as well as conducting research on both policy and other candidates.  Though both Committed to America and the Never Back Down super PAC, which supports Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis running in 2024, are trying to expand how these groups support a candidate on the ground.

During the last year, Pence has made stops in the early voting states of Iowa, South Carolina, and New Hampshire. Pence has stated he will make a decision about entering the race before late June.

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