Republican Governor Sends Kamala Harris Thanksgiving GIFT – Right At Her Doorstep

Greg Abbott Sends Busload of Migrants to Kamala's Home

Greg Abbott Sends Busload of Migrants to Kamala’s Home

( – More than 2.7 million migrants entered the US in the fiscal year 2022. While the government expelled the majority of them, many were allowed to stay as their cases worked their way through the system. The flow has not slowed in FY2023, and Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) is continuing to bus the new arrivals out of his state.

In Abbott’s latest stunt, he sent a busload of immigrants to Vice President Kamala Harris’ home in Washington, DC. On November 18, the bus arrived and offloaded the people. President Joe Biden put the VP in charge of the border problem last year, but she has not made any significant progress in solving the problems.

While the Texas governor sent the immigrants to be dropped off in front of Harris’ home, the city, not the federal government, takes on the responsibility of the influx.

In recent weeks, Abbott also shipped the first busload of immigrants to Philadelphia while continuing to send them to other liberal cities, too.

The governor, who easily won reelection on November 8, previously said he’s targeting cities and states that call themselves sanctuaries. Abbott doesn’t think it’s fair for Texas communities to carry such a heavy burden when they’ve done nothing wrong.

Do you agree with Abbott?

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