Rare Customer Creates Chaos in Grocery Aisle

Rare Customer Creates Chaos in Grocery Aisle

(USNewsMag.com) – There are certain things a person expects to encounter while in a grocery store, like canned or dry goods. What they don’t expect to run into is a slithering serpent hanging out on the spice aisle. That’s exactly what happened to a woman in Australia.

Helaina Alati was in a grocery store, minding her own business and shopping, when she came face-to-face with a huge snake. Reptiles are prolific in some areas of Australia, but this 10-foot long monster was curled up behind the spice section when it decided to pop out and say, “hello.” Fortunately, Alati happened to be a trained snake wrangler, and wasn’t intimidated by the large, non-venomous python.

Alati went home quickly, grabbed her snake bag and went back to the supermarket to catch her new friend. She then freed it in a local wooded area.

The Australian woman isn’t the first to encounter a surprise snake. In 2018, an Englishman found a snake in his cereal. Earlier this summer, in July, a Georgia woman found 18 snakes under her bed and the list goes on.

Snakes are outright scary to most people, making it difficult to judge if the snake is a serious threat. There are traits to look for though.

Venomous snakes typically have triangular-shaped heads and thin, black, vertical pupils. If the snake is venomous and bites its victim, the person can get seriously ill or even die. Non-venomous snakes have rounded heads (but can flatten their heads to make them look triangular). The best advice experts give is to back away from snakes and leave them alone. Call an expert to have one removed if it’s in your home or building.

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