Rand Paul Unveils Plan to Correct America’s Budget

Rand Paul Unveils Plan to Correct America's Budget

Rand Paul Unveils Plan To Slowly Erase America’s Debt

(USNewsMag.com) – Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has a plan to squash the federal budget deficit and provide a surplus by 2027. Paul contends as inflation worsens and belts tighten, the current tax and spend model has been a disaster for the deficit. According to the senator’s press release, the problem continues to worsen, and the time to act is now.

Did Congress Wait Too Long?

Senator Paul points out that had the issue of overspending been addressed five years ago, the country could have corrected the deficit with a simple freeze in spending, without cutting a thing. Now, according to the notorious budget hawk, it will take far more per dollar to right the ship.

Rather than freeze spending, Paul contends Congress continued to throw taxpayer cash around like a clown tossing candy to children at a parade. In his yearly report on frivolous spending, the junior senator lists ludicrous amounts of money dumped on seemingly unnecessary projects. Almost a half-million dollars went to Reed College that ultimately has pigeons playing slot machines. US taxpayers spent $11.3 million to inform the Vietnamese that burning their trash is a bad idea, while $400 million went to planting trees in New York.

Most recently, Paul was skewered across both sides of the aisle for attempting to block $40 billion in aid to Ukraine. He cited his oath to the US Constitution, not a foreign entity, as the deciding factor. The senator strongly believes the United States spends far too much on handouts to other countries.

The Solution Is Six Cents

Paul’s budget solution is simple: cut everything, eliminate six cents from every dollar of spending, aside from Social Security. He says there may have been a time when a cent or two would have worked, but those days are gone, and now the budget requires a complete overhaul. The senator believes with a new conservative guideline, Congress would have no choice but to eliminate funding for slot machine-playing pigeons and similar wasteful projects.

Paul’s six-cent plan would also not raise taxes one dime. It focuses solely on spending — and it doesn’t discriminate. Fox Business obtained a copy of the budget and concluded it would produce a $65.8 billion surplus in 5 years, which could then start going to pay down the national debt, which now sits at $30 trillion and climbing.

Paul’s plan would take some serious number crunching across all aspects of spending, including the military, education, health care, and social programs. If the budget proposal managed to find itself to law, the Senator, as well as the rest of America, would certainly find out exactly what amount of pork their elected representatives are willing to put back in the barrel.

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