Ramaswamy’s SURPRISING Stance – No LOYALTY?

(USNewsMag.com) – According to statements from Vivek Ramaswamy, a presidential candidate for the Republican Party, he’s not a “party man. Ramaswamy admitted to voting independently during both of George Bush’s and Barack Obama’s elections.

Ramaswamy confirmed that he doesn’t see himself as a Republican candidate but rather as a presidential candidate who aims to put America first. Ramaswamy’s statement will likely draw heavy criticism from other Republican candidates, as many feel his lack of identification with the GOP might concern many American voters who heavily identify with both political parties.

Despite this concern, Ramaswamy is currently one of the most popular candidates running amongst the GOP and might become the second-most popular member of the GOP running in next year’s election once the primary season concludes. Ramaswamy is even gaining praise from members of the GOP, including former President Donald Trump. Trump claimed that once he won his presidential campaign, he’d potentially bring Ramaswamy into the White House staff to serve in a cabinet position. Despite his growth in popularity, Vivek Ramaswamy faces an uphill battle to secure the Republican nomination in next year’s election.

Ramaswamy claims that if he wins the presidential election next year, he wants to appoint Elon Musk as a presidential advisor. Musk is a highly controversial figure due to his handling of the purchase of Twitter and the subsequent rebranding of the social media app as X. Despite his social media controversy, Musk runs a highly successful commercial space program and even claims that colonizing Mars is a future goal of his company, SpaceX. Musk has yet to comment on whether or not he’d accept an appointed position from Ramaswamy.

Ramaswamy is currently embroiled in a scandal due to his claims regarding the September 11th terrorist attacks, in which he indicated that he believed federal agents were involved. Since making the highly controversial statements, Ramaswamy claims he never said anything regarding September 11th, but he was instead speaking about the January 6th protests. Despite the scandal, Ramaswamy remains one of the most popular GOP candidates and could potentially secure the party’s nomination if he can surpass Trump’s massive lead among voters.

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