Ramaswamy Claims the Establishment Doesn’t Trust the Public

(USNewsMag.com) – Founder of Roivant Sciences and GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy claims the “establishment” in America doesn’t believe the American people can be trusted with the truth.

In a recent episode of Tucker on X (formerly Tucker on Twitter), Ramaswamy told Tucker Carlson that he thinks “we now live in a moment where the government” and the “broader establishment” of the country believe American citizens “cannot be trusted with the truth. Ramaswamy compared how the government treats the public with an overbearing parent who doesn’t know when to loosen boundaries over their children, and that both major parties have been guilty of this.

Carlson pointed out that a school of thought exists that believes those in charge are hostile at a fundamental level to the general public and that even when the government thinks they are doing good, the reality is quite the opposite.

Ramaswamy said the concealment of truth from the masses is something that’s happened throughout history because the leaders believe average people can’t resolve differences between one another and that what was right for society at large was determined by business, labor, and church leaders. Despite such a trend, Ramaswamy said he does believe people can handle the truth, which was a question in 1776 as much as it is today.

The GOP candidate said that the system established in the US trusts every American “with free speech and open debate in the public square,” with equality in voice and in vote. Ramaswamy told Carlson that even though “sometimes” we “get it wrong” and other times “we get it right,” this is the way things are done “in this new thing we call the United States of America.”

Carlson asked if Ramaswamy sensed the country was on the brink of chaos based on his travels, to which Ramaswamy replied that he thinks people are hungry “for a revival” of a unified national identity embodied in the ideas of the country’s founding. This revival has been the central message of his campaign since its launch in February.

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