Putin’s Blacklist DROPS – You Won’t Believe Who’s On It

(USNewsMag.com) – Russia banned 500 Americans from entering the country on May 19 in reaction to additional sanctions from the United States for the military takeover of Ukraine.

Executives, entertainers, and politicians, including President Biden and former President Obama, make up the bulk of the list’s notable individuals. Erin Burnett from CNN, CEO of Meta Mark Zuckerberg, and comedian and host Stephen Colbert are also on the blacklist. Both Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, a Republican from Georgia, and Governor Wes Moore, a Democrat from Maryland, were included.

The Foreign Ministry’s posted list omitted details about any specific accusations. The ministry, however, said that the offenders included government officials who were complicit in the repression of protesters after what they called the insurrection of the Capitol, as well as those who had supplied armaments to Ukraine and promoted anti-Russian sentiment.

The ‘Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ released a statement saying the restriction was enacted because of the ongoing anti-Russian penalties implemented by Biden’s administration. Washington’s agenda includes targeting regular Russians and government leaders with these anti-Russian measures in order to inflict the greatest harm on Russia. As a measure of retaliation, the government of Russia has banned the entry of the 500 Americans.

The Russian response to American sanctions on them is meant to coerce the governing U.S. regime into changing its conduct and acknowledging new geopolitical realities. Russia does not agree with the United States’ attempts at enforcing a system of rules created by the elites on the remainder of the globe.

Russian officials have said that the United States should know by now that it can’t launch an assault on Russia and expect a mild response. Whether they are discussing discriminatory measures to limit the professional endeavors of our citizens or increased pressure for more penalties, the idea of the certainty of retribution will be constantly implemented.

The ministry also reiterated its refusal of a visit request from the US Embassy based in Moscow to see Wall Street Journal writer Evan Gershkovich, who was jailed at the end of March on espionage charges.

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