Press Sec DODGES – She REFUSES To Answer!

( – The press secretary for the White House, Karine Jean-Pierre, appeared to evade inquiries regarding a possible violation of the Flag Code regulations for the flag of the United States during a Pride Month event on June 10.

The White House exhibit honoring the Pride celebration drew much criticism for seeming to show contempt for the American flag. In honor of the occasion, the White House hung a Pride flag between two American flags. All of them reached equal height.

A reporter noted that the White House has received complaints over the Pride flag’s display, alleging that it is in violation of the United States Flag Code. The reporter asked if it was an unintentional error or a deliberate declaration. He just asked her to fill him in on what had transpired.

Jean-Pierre informed the reporter that the display of the Pride flag by President Biden’s administration was an important moment in history and that they were proud of it.

She moved on by saying that it was important that the celebration concentrated on love and family. No one will be able to take away from the importance of having loved ones around them in attendance and being together to celebrate as a group, Jean-Pierre said.  She added that she would not address any protocol or etiquette details, and that other people can take care of that issue.

Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, commented on the flag display, stating that by placing the flags as they did and violating the most basic flag codes of the American flag, President Joe Biden humiliated every American military service member whose grave is marked by the flag. The American flag, he said, must always be “at the center and at the highest point” of a collection of state flags, municipal flags, or society pennants flown as a group.

Jean-Pierre finished the June 13  White House briefing by adding that they are proud of the historical event they hosted for families.

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