Pelosi’s Husband Receives Sentence for DUI

Pelosi's Husband Receives Sentence for DUI

Pelosi’s Husband Faces The Music – His Crimes Don’t Go Unpunished!

( – Every day, an average of 28 people lose their lives to drunk driving. Still, that reality didn’t stop Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) husband, Paul Pelosi, from getting behind the wheel of his car while intoxicated. Now, he’s been sentenced for his crime.

On Tuesday, August 23, Paul Pelosi pleaded guilty to one count of DUI. The charge resulted from a May incident when he was in an accident and had a blood alcohol level of above 0.08%. He was originally arraigned on two misdemeanors, which shocked some experts who believed he should have been charged with a felony initially and then pleaded down to the misdemeanor because of the crash.

Judge Joseph Solga sentenced the speaker’s husband to five days in jail, required him to take a three-month drunk driving program, pay restitution, and he has to have an ignition interlock device on his vehicle. The latter is equipment that requires a driver to blow into it to check blood alcohol levels. The judge determined Pelosi already had two days of actual time served, two days of good conduct credit, and he will serve the remaining day in an eight-hour work program. He’ll also be on probation for three years.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving previously addressed Pelosi’s DUI, saying they were grateful he did not kill anyone. The statement said the speaker’s husband is “uniquely positioned to help educate the public about the dangers” of drunk driving. While the organization is correct, given the amount of influence he and his wife have, neither Paul nor Nancy Pelosi has said a word about the incident.

Do you think Pelosi received a light sentence because of his connections?

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