PAYBACK – FBI’s Underhanded Tactics REVEALED

( – On May 18, a report on FBI whistleblower statements was issued by the ‘House Judiciary Committee’ and the ‘Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government.’ Garret O’Boyle, a former FBI Special Agent, and additional FBI whistleblowers shared stories of facing retaliation after making legally protected disclosures about wrongdoing.

They all agree that the FBI violated federal whistleblower safety statutes and used the protective clearance assessment procedure to punish those brave enough to report wrongdoing to Congress or question the authority of FBI management.

O’Boyle spent a year as an infantryman in both Afghanistan and Iraq while serving in the United States Army. The ‘Combat Infantryman Badge’ was awarded to him. After he reported what he believed to be criminal activity to his ‘supervisory special agent,’ the FBI transferred him to another division, requiring him to uproot his family and move across the nation. On the very first day, the FBI suspended O’Boyle indefinitely without pay, thus making him and his family homeless and taking away their things, including the children’s clothes.

The FBI considers the investigation that began regarding the incident on January 6 to be its largest ever. O’Boyle claims that despite the fact that hundreds of the J6 cases were ultimately handled as minor offenses like disorderly behavior and trespassing, they were all given a classification as domestic terrorism case.

According to one of the leakers, the FBI has allowed itself to be engulfed by this weaponization and politicization, and as a result, it is presently malignant.

According to the allegation, the FBI is presently engaged in the expulsion of agents who share conservative viewpoints due to its politicized leadership. This news follows last week’s publication of the report by Special Counsel John Durham, which also demonstrates that the FBI has become a political tool.

The FBI has released a statement in which they say their goal is to safeguard the United States’ citizens and defend the US Constitution. When an employee makes a legally protected disclosure, the FBI will not and has not punished them in any way.

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