OPEN Season – 2A Under ATTACK!

( – Protesters calling for more gun control assembled at the Tennessee State House on Aug. 21 as the Tennessee General Assembly opened its special session to address public safety.

The special session was called by Gov. Bill Lee to address issues such as guidelines for gun storage, “temporary mental health orders of protection,” human trafficking, as well as mental health. Lee has advocated for a variation of a red flag law since the shooting at The Covenant School in Nashville.

Sen. Janice Bowling, Republican, moved to end the session after about 20 minutes, stating that the special session was not required as there was no emergency. Senate Majority Leader Jack Johnson said at the end of the week ending Aug. 18 that there was a zero percent chance of any red flag laws or any kind of order of protection laws making it through the special session.

The session of the state House lasted about two hours with the debate focusing on the rules, including whether new disciplinary rules for members who cause disruptions should be adopted.

According to Democratic lawmakers the rules were undemocratic. Tennessee state House Speaker Cameron Sexton was also accused of being a racist by Rep. Justin Jones, who had been expelled from the House for helping lead a protest over gun control from the House floor. 

Three people who held signs in favor of gun control were removed by state troopers. Republicans in the state House then advanced a bill banning the public from holding signs during floor and committee proceedings. The rules package passed, 73-23.

As Republican lawmakers left the House floor, protesters chanted and screamed at them. Outside the capitol building, protesters held up signs with slogans such as “we demand gun reform” as well as “protect kids not guns.” A group of Covenant mothers also wore shirts from the Moms Demand Action groups.

Some in attendance outside the capitol building opposed the red flag laws. 

Members of the Nashville Young Republicans were also in attendance outside the capitol building.

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