Officials FORCED To Take This “Class” – Here’s The Story!

( – People who work for New York City have until March 6th to complete a “racial equity” training course. Mayor Eric Adams mandated that all city employees must undergo the training which parrots many CRT ideas, according to Fox News. 

CRT, or Critical Race Theory, is a highly controversial subject. Having grown out of a Harvard University study in the 1970s, CRT posits that racism is ingrained in modern institutions and encourages people to look at society through the lens of privilege and race. 

According to Fox News, the training course defines three separate types of racism. The first is individual racism, which fits the classic definition of racism. CRT-inspired belief identifies another form which is described as institutional racism, the idea that public and private institutions oppress people based on race through their policies and practices. Systemic or structural racism, on the other hand, is considered to be racism that is integrated into multiple institutions and occurs in society at large. 

A New York City spokesperson has responded to the backlash and claimed that the training has nothing to do with CRT, despite being full of CRT language. The spokesperson said that the city has been using EEO, or Equal Employment Opportunity, Diversity and Inclusion training for years, and that it is “irresponsible to equate two separate things at the same time.” 

Sources who provided the training to Fox News Digital revealed that the course makes the claim that race has “no genetic or scientific basis,” and is only a social construct that arbitrarily classifies people based on skin color. To combat racism, employees are instructed to make workplace decisions through the lens of “racial equity.” 

One employee who had completed the course said that instead of encouraging people to treat each other equally, the idea of equity requires people to focus heavily on race in order to compensate for perceived historical wrongs. 

The course Adams has required city hall employees to take encourages the implementation of antiracism training and acknowledgment of unconscious, or implicit bias. Unconscious bias is generally defined as an unintentional assessment of someone or something. 

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