NYC Police Arrest 5 for Protesting Against Vaccines at a Burger King

NYC Police Arrest 5 for Protesting Against Vaccines at a Burger King

( – Vaccine mandates are an ongoing issue as COVID-19 continues. President Joe Biden, local governments and many businesses around the country have directed Americans to get the jab. That hasn’t gone over well with people who don’t want to undergo the procedure. Another protest has now led to arrests.

On December 27, a Burger King in Brooklyn, NYC, became the site of an anti-vaccine protest. In the city, residents must provide proof of vaccination in order to eat in restaurants. Maskless protesters showed up at the fast-food joint and yelled at employees who wouldn’t serve them. Shouts of “shame on you” rang as police officers arrested five people.

Conservatives have decried the vaccine passes, calling them a violation of personal liberties. Critics say the passes allow businesses to discriminate against their customers based on their vaccine status. They claim Democrats are trying to shame people and ostracize them until they have no other choice but to get the shot. Ironically, the mandates are coming from the party that regularly shouts, “My body, my choice,” when arguing for abortions. However, that standard has been thrown out the window when it comes to forced inoculations.

What do you think? Are you for or against vaccine mandates and passes?

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