NYC Government Releases Official PSA on Responding to a Nuclear Attack

NYC Government Releases Official PSA on Responding to a Nuclear Attack

Nuclear Attack PSA Issued In NYC

( – During the Cold War, it wasn’t unusual for cities to create emergency plans to deal with a nuclear attack. That isn’t exactly the norm in 2022, though. But that’s just what New York City is doing.

On July 11, the Big Apple’s Emergency Management Department issued a public service announcement (PSA) focusing on the possibility of a nuclear attack. The statement said the “likelihood of a nuclear weapon incident … is very low.” However, officials are working to ensure there’s a plan in place to keep residents safe as threats continue to evolve.

According to the PSA, residents should take three steps if there’s a nuclear attack. First, they should go inside a building away from windows. Then they should close all of the doors and windows, and move to the basement if there is one. Finally, they should shelter in place and follow the news for updates on when it’s safe to go outside again.

The announcement recommends residents clean themselves off immediately if they have to go outside for any reason. They should remove and bag all of their clothing to prevent radioactive material from touching their bodies.

Emergency Management Commissioner Zach Iscol said as the “threat landscape” evolves residents need to be prepared for any hazard as well as have the resources necessary to “stay safe and informed.”

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