NRA Slams Doctor Who Testified In Gun Violence Hearing

( – The National Rifle Association (NRA) is speaking about Yale School of Public Health Dean Megan Ranney’s claim that more shootings happen in Republican-controlled areas compared to Democrat-controlled areas. Ranney made the comment during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing that examined gun violence as a “public health crisis.”

During the hearing, Republican Sen. John Kennedy questioned Ranney as to why the shooting rates in Chicago were so high. In response, Ranney stated that the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Missouri “actually have higher firearm death rates.” She claimed that this is because of “easy access to firearms” along with “environmental conditions and a lack of great education.” She added that studies show shootings and violence decrease in urban neighborhoods “when you green vacant lots and repair abandoned buildings.”

Gun control extremists labeling firearm ownership a “public health crisis” is “an old and tired concept,” according to NRA spokesman Billy McLaughlin. He added that “through coordinated action between the government” and lobbyists for gun control, it aims to dismantle the Second Amendment. McLaughlin called Ranney’s claim “misleading” because it conflates “data from different age groups. He added that “statistical manipulation” is part of the strategy “to strengthen the case” for more restrictive gun control measures.

The NRA was not the only one to respond to Ranney’s statements. On social media, conservatives responded to Ranney’s claim by pointing out that per 100,000 people, the “gun homicide” rate in Chicago is much higher than in those three states. Some noted that crime statistics are much more useful on the local level.

Since 2019, the gun homicide rate in Chicago has ranged from 25 to 29 murders per 100,000 people, according to data reviewed by Fox News Digital. There were 12.5, 9.3, and 13 gun homicides per 100,000 people in Louisiana, Missouri, and Mississippi, respectively, in 2019.

A Heritage Foundation report shows that homicide rates have been higher in Democrat-run counties than they have been in Republican-run counties since 2002.

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