Nightmare Truth! Whistleblower Exposes ‘Demon Surgeon’

( – It’s possible that you are already aware of Dr. Blair Peters, a “queer surgeon” who uses “he/they” pronouns, and the fact that he has admitted performing gender surgeries on minors. After the video in question circulated on social media, people began to question the idea of irreversible surgeries on kids, and now a whistleblower has come forward with more unsettling information.

Dr. Peters, who works at the Oregon Health & Science University Hospital, is a Canadian-trained surgeon who has a self-described passion for “genital surgery.” About 80% of his practice is “gender affirming” surgery, which used to be called “sex-change surgery.” The demand for this type of procedure has increased so much that Dr. Peters has enlisted the help of a robot to keep up with demand.

He has publicly talked about the use of surgical robots and vaginoplasties, even for young patients. Peters publicly acknowledged that genital surgeries are being performed on adolescents.

In a series of tweets by writer Ashley St. Clair, the whistleblower who worked with Dr. Peters came forward to talk about these surgeries. This person called Dr. Peters a “demon surgeon” and shared documents from the Doernbecher Gender Clinic to show a course of treatment with the male hormone testosterone for girls around ten years old. All the long-term effects of these hormones on children are not known, but one known outcome is permanent infertility.

Without knowing the full scope of what may happen in the future, this treatment amounts to medical experimentation using children as test subjects. Patients could end up with lifelong complications for fertility and sexual pleasure. Complications of gender surgery include “rectal injury and urinary incompetence.”

Dr. Peters made a joke that he was so busy with gender surgeries that he dubbed the season “Phall” for Phalloplasty. Nike invited him to discuss performing double mastectomies on young females at its Pride Month event in June.

Comments on social media regarding Dr. Peters and his gender surgeries on minors included words like butcher,” “witch doctor,” and “sick.”

The surgeon has said that he “couldn’t imagine feeling more fulfilled.”

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