Newsom’s Ties to Hunter Biden Emerge

( – California Gov. Gavin Newsom recently defended President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, from allegations of shady deals and nepotism, but emails from Hunter Biden’s lap demonstrate Newsom may have benefited.

Last week, Newsom dismissed allegations of corruption against Hunter Biden after CNN host Dana Bash asked the California governor if he thought the first son acted inappropriately by leveraging his dad’s name while making business dealings. Newsom said he didn’t “know enough about the details” but has “seen a little of that.” He said if “the new criteria” for condemnation is using family members “to parlay and get a little influence,” then “there are a lot of folks” in many industries besides politics doing the same thing. Newsom said it’s “hardly unique.”

Fox News reviewed dozens of correspondences between Newsom and his associates and Hunter Biden. The parties discussed fundraising, promoting certain documentaries, and other personal matters over a period of nearly ten years. Different networking events are mentioned, donations, and other details that indicate Newsom is deeply connected and involved with the first son.

Despite their long-term connection and Newsom’s unwillingness to comment on Hunter Biden’s corruption, some believe that the California governor is preparing for a 2024 presidential run. If true, that means Newsom will be up against President Biden, who’s running for re-election, for the 2024 Democratic nomination.

Newsom commented on these rumors a few weeks ago, saying that people “need to move past” the “notion” that Biden is “not going to run.” He said he’s “gearing up” for Biden’s campaign and told anyone still wondering if someone else will be the nominee besides Biden to “move on.”

An impeachment inquiry into President Biden was recently announced by Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, so he will have legal battles of his own to contend with soon.

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