New “Sleeper” Law Could Give China A Horrifying Boost!

( – On April 11, Republican Representative Ryan Zinke from Montana said that the United States was more susceptible to China as a result of the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act’s aim for nationwide electric vehicle usage, which is mostly supplied by China.

In August, President Biden put his signature on the Inflation Reduction Act, making it a law. This act includes tax credits for a variety of environmentally friendly electric vehicles and appliances, in addition to a tax credit for the creation of electric batteries.

Zinke, who worked as the Interior Secretary under the previous administration of President Donald Trump, said that it is in the best interest of the globe when the United States generates energy. However, as soon as the US achieved energy independence, the current administration took steps in the other direction, which resulted in the United States being susceptible to China now that it’s on the supply chain.

Zinke went on to say that electric cars need the use of cobalt and lithium, both of which are essential minerals that are controlled and produced in China. Concerning the solar industry, the vast majority of solar cells are now manufactured by the Chinese. The Inflation Reduction Act may have been rechristened the China Stimulus Act. Currently the US finds itself in a situation where it is more susceptible to China with regard to our essential energy requirements.

To do the job more efficiently, “do it in the U.S.,” Zinke said. In his opinion, the Biden administration is too focused on one aspect of the problem, whereas Occidental Petroleum, which is building a carbon capture facility in Texas, is taking the right approach. The government believes it’s time to become carbon-free and electric, but what is the cost? The benefits to the country are minimal, and the trade-off is that China gains an advantage over the United States in economics, trade, and politics.

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