New “Petition” Unveiled Against Top Republican – They Hate Him!

( – Reports indicate that students at a public school in Virginia are organizing an effort to get their governor replaced as the speaker for their commencement.

On March 23, George Mason University announced that Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin would speak at the commencement ceremony. The President of George Mason University, Gregory Washington, expressed excitement about inviting Governor Youngkin to address the graduating class.

The $33.4 million in new funding for George Mason University students was a major point of Washington’s praise for Youngkin’s budget passing. 

He said in his announcement that they anticipate the graduating seniors to be among the most diverse and largest in school history. Due to the governor’s mindset regarding entrepreneurial views and a thirst for knowledge throughout his life, this is what Washington wants his graduates to emulate. 

In light of this news, George Mason senior Alaina Ruffin started a petition calling for the institution to retract its invitation for Youngkin to speak.

According to Ruffin, historically oppressed groups in Mason are being targeted by the selection of a speaker who has limited access to certain literature in the public schools and advocated for the elimination of a racial equality curriculum. Bringing in a person who has likewise overlooked the requirements of Virginians is insulting and destructive to the numerous students who frequently create GMU’s culture.

As of March 25, over 5,300 people had signed a petition demanding Youngkin’s resignation as speaker.

As a future graduate of George Mason University and a patriotic American, Ruffin said she and her classmates would prefer that their graduation day not be associated with someone who has damaged the constituents he serves.

Concerned over the governor’s selection as graduation speaker, the student government at George Mason has written a letter to the institution. The governor’s history with minorities disqualifies him as a speaker at the university. They feel the university has betrayed all minority groups by selecting Youngkin to speak.

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