New Law Would REQUIRE All Bloggers To Comply!

( – On February 27, Republican state senator Jason Brodeur submitted a measure that would compel bloggers writing about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R), his Cabinet, or any officials of the legislature of Florida to sign up with the state.

Blogs are described as websites that house any writer and are regularly updated with commentary, opinion, or business material, while blog posts are defined as standalone webpages on any blog that include a series of tales, a narrative, or an article.

The intended “Information Dissemination” law (S.B. 1316) specifies the Governor, a Cabinet official, the Lt. Governor, or any other member of the Legislature as the elected state offices who are subject to the bill’s provisions.

Brodeur defended his idea by drawing parallels between lobbyists and professional bloggers. Bloggers are advocates who use the written word rather than their voices. Both of them work in the political industry as electioneers. He believes professional bloggers who are paid to do the same as lobbyists should register just like lobbyists must.

This rule would not apply to newspaper sites or similar websites. Thus, bloggers who get paid for a specific internet article regarding an elected Florida state official would still be required to file with the Commission on Ethics or the Florida Office of Legislative Services.

Brodeur said that a blogger who earns or expects to receive pay for blogging about an elected Florida state official must file with the proper authorities within “5 days after the first 164 by the blogger” in which an elected Florida state officer is mentioned.

The blogger would be required to report monthly on when, where, and by which website the postings regarding elected state leaders were published, as well as the amount of pay the blogger received. There may be monetary penalties for late or missed reporting.

It has been said by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis that he has never endorsed the proposed bill. He said he had always been transparent about the work of his government.

He went on to say that all legislators have the same access to the bill-filing process.

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