New Law For GUN OWNERS – Ron DeSantis Is Smiling!

( – The Florida Senate passed a bill, 27-13, that allows those who are able to legally own a gun to conceal carry without a permit. The bill will now be sent to the desk of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for his signature.

Those who want to purchase a gun from a federally licensed dealer will still be required to pass a background check and abide by the three-day waiting period. Private transactions or exchanges do not require a background check  or three-day waiting period.

The waiting period can still be waived if a permit is obtained. Permits can also be obtained in order to carry in those states with reciprocal agreements.

The bill provides $60 million to fund measures for school safety. The bill establishes a safe schools canine program. The bill also allows private schools to become a part of the state’s guardian program and creates a portal for threat management.

In Florida, almost 3 million people have permits for concealed weapons.

Sen. Jay Collins, who sponsored the bill in the Senate, stated the bill will make it easier for the law-abiding citizens of the state to access their Second Amendment right. The bill does not prevent a ban on guns on the premises of property owners or business owners who chose to have a ban. The ban on guns from both school and government property is not lifted by the bill.

Republicans stated that they believe law-abiding citizens should have the right to protect themselves by carrying their gun. Democrats argue that they believe the state will become more dangerous.

Nearly 3 million Floridians have a concealed weapons permit

Some Florida lawmakers, including DeSantis have stated their support for open carry in the state. However, there is no push for open carry currently in the Legislature. Currently, 42 states allow for a form of open carry, with a few that require permits for open carry. 

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