New Iranian Government Receives Warning From US

New Iranian Government Receives Warning from US

( – When Joe Biden ran for the White House in 2020, he promised Democrats he was going to reenter the Iran nuclear agreement. He was upset, like many on the Left, that then-President Donald Trump had pulled America out of the agreement after determining it was worthless.

By the time he took office, it seemed the Iranian government was no longer interested in a deal. They started playing games and stringing the new administration along. The US State Department has finally had enough and issued a warning.

Blinken’s Warning … Again

On Thursday, July 29, Secretary of State Antony Blinken was in Kuwait to mark the 30th anniversary of the liberation of the country. During a press conference, he said the Iranian government has decisions to make about whether it wants to reenter the 2015 nuclear agreement.

“This process cannot go on indefinitely,” Blinken said.

His words echoed those he made more than a month ago during a trip to Paris. On that occasion, the secretary of state told reporters the US has “serious differences” with Iran, claiming there would “come a point…where it will be very hard to return back to the standards set by the [nuclear agreement].”

Radical Iran

In June, Iran elected hardliner Ebrahim Raisi to be its new president — and he’s no fan of America. In 1988, the US sanctioned him for his role in the executions of potentially thousands of political enemies.

Recently, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei blamed the stalled nuclear talks on the US. He called officials from the Biden administration “stubborn” because they were discussing the Iranians’ influence and missiles. In a televised speech, the Supreme Leader claimed the US had no interest in helping Iran, but instead wanted to “hit wherever they can.”

The State Department has denied these claims, saying it would like to continue negotiations even though the talks had stalled.

Blinken keeps making threats, but when is the administration actually going to take action? For more than three months, the US has been negotiating with the Iranian regime and a deal seems no closer than before. Republicans do not want to reenter the agreement, favoring a tough approach to the world’s largest state-sponsor of terror. The question now is: At what point does President Biden realize he’s failed?

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