New “BRAINWASHING” Attempt Reported – Just Like North Korea?

( – Ivy league universities that have been pushing the idea of ‘equality of outcome’ are mirroring the ideology of North Korea according to one woman who has experienced both.

Yeonmi Park, a North Korean defector, appeared on “Fox & Friends First” on February 13th where she discussed her experience at Columbia University. She said she came to the United States expecting true freedom of opinion, but what she found in her elite classes was far closer to what she refers to as the “brainwashing” she experienced as a child at the hands of her North Korean teachers. 

Park said she was shocked to find Columbia’s professors claiming that all of society’s problems were due to capitalism and white men, a sentiment shared by the North Korean dictatorship she escaped. The professors here espoused the same ideology she’d been taught in her home country, namely that communism creates equity and that our system of government must be destroyed in order to achieve equality of outcomes. 

Park has shared her harrowing story of escape from North Korea in multiple interviews over the past few years. After fleeing to China, she and her mother were trafficked and sold into slavery. After escaping that horrific experience, she made her way through Mongolia and South Korea before finally reaching the United States. Two years later, she enrolled at Columbia University, where she found that her classmates had a distorted view of what constitutes oppression. 

Speaking to Fox News, she said that she still finds it funny that Americans who have bought into the Marxist ideologies infecting higher education seem to believe that “not having a problem is a problem,” and that they “create injustice out of thin air.” As a survivor of modern-day slavery and a tyrannical regime, it is no wonder that Yenomi finds wealthy college students’ definition of oppression laughable. 

Yenomi’s book, “While Time Remains: A North Korean Defector’s Search for Freedom in America,” details her life story and provides a rare glimpse into the life of North Koreans.

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