Navy Seals URGENT Warning: Parents Be Aware!

( – Retired Navy SEAL and detransitioner Chris Beck, 56, is speaking out, warning parents before life-altering decisions are made regarding their children. Beck, a retired member of SEAL Team Six, stated he is speaking out now to make parents aware what could happen if their child chooses gender surgery or is put on puberty blockers.

Beck, who was formerly known as Kristen, says that all the data is not being given to parents. That piece involves statistics of kids that are experiencing gender dysphoria either before puberty or during puberty. The data shows that 80 percent of kids who have gender confusion before or during puberty will “get rid of all that gender confusion by the time puberty is over.”

He stated that puberty blockers being given to children is harming them as when they decide they are not transgender when 80 percent of the children are older, they are now unable to have children. 

He also discussed a study showing 50 percent of parents referred to gender therapists felt pressured to change their kids’ wardrobe and put their children on medical treatments.

He used the example of Chloe Cole, who at age 12 began to identify as a boy, was given puberty blockers as well testosterone treatment by age 13, followed by a double mastectomy at age 15. Chloe then detransitioned back to a female.

Beck stated that doctors performing these surgeries and prescribing the puberty blockers and hormone treatments “need to slow down.”

In 2013, Beck announced he was transgender during an interview with Chris Cooper on CNN. He underwent both facial surgery as well as breast augmentation. After one meeting, the Department of Veterans Affairs authorized him for hormone therapy, which he took until 2015.

In December 2022 he began speaking out saying he regretted his decision saying that the “last 10 years destroyed my life.” He stated while he made the choices that did this, he also “had help.”

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