Nancy Pelosi’s Daughter Is Not Loyal To the Democratic Party

( – Alexandra Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi’s daughter and acclaimed documentary filmmaker, said she’s “not a political person.” In an interview with CBS earlier this week about a film she produced, she confessed she wasn’t entirely loyal to the Democratic Party.

The documentary titled “Pelosi in the House” is finally being released on HBO after filming three decades’ worth of content surrounding the Speaker of the House’s life. It centers around her role as an elected public official, beginning from her election to Congress in 1987 up until Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration.

“I am not a card-carrying member of the Democratic Party. I’m not a political person. I really don’t care who you vote for,” Pelosi’s daughter said.

In the same breath, however, she blamed “decades” of misogyny for the political backlash and threats others have made toward her parents – which, in itself, is a political (and debatable) viewpoint. But perhaps that’s precisely the reason why she’d rather step away from the political spotlight while at the same time running the vision behind-the-scenes, building documentaries that hold inherently political messaging.

Working for HBO since 2001, Alexandra Pelosi has filmed, produced, and directed around 14 documentaries. Most of them have political undertones. She has followed around both Democratic and Republican political candidates, including the Tea Party movement in 2008, and has also made documentaries centering around the founding of America. In 2016, Pelosi also produced “Meet the Donors: Does Money Talk?” which discusses the impact of donor money in modern-day US politics.

Despite claiming she’s not a political person, Pelosi does appear to lean more toward the side of her mother’s political affiliation. She definitely doesn’t like former President Donald Trump – she made that very clear as she highlighted the January 6 riots at the US Capitol and the way rioters eerily chanted her mother’s name. She dislikes anything to the Right, and even blamed Fox News for turning her last name into a curse word.

It’s ironic because everything is political at the end of the day. And perhaps I could even understand why she would support whatever her parents ultimately support. At the same time, blaming an entire wing on the right side of the political spectrum for the extremist attack committed against her father, Paul Pelosi, is the sort of thing that makes her claims look superficial.

If she were really apolitical, or at least seeking to remain more independent as the nation grows in continual division, she would be using her role as filmmaker and writer to create films that inspire a nation to veer away from the toxic extremism on both sides. As of right now, she only denounces the fringe and the conspiracy theorists from the Right.


Vianca Rodriguez, Independent Political Analyst

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