Mystery UNFOLDS – Martha’s Vineyard Death with Ties to Obamas

( – A 45-year-old paddle boarder’s body found in Martha’s Vineyard Lake was identified as that of a former employee of Barack Obama.

Tafari Campbell, who worked at the White House for Obama, was asked to stay on as a personal chef when Obama moved to Martha’s Vineyard. In a statement, the Obamas commented on Campbell’s passion and talent as a chef, as well as his kindness and warmth.

During his time at the Obama White House, Campbell helped create a well-known honey beer named White House Honey Ale, made with honey collected from beehives on the South Lawn. This was the first beer made at the White House. George Washington made beer and whiskey at Mount Vernon, while Thomas Jefferson crafted wine at the White House.

Campbell was born in 1978 in Dumfries, Virginia. Having completed culinary school, he launched his own restaurant and later served as a sous chef in President George W. Bush’s kitchen at the White House. Campbell’s father said his son always loved to cook.

His spouse, Sherise Campbell, owns Sweet Sage Baking and Catering in northern Virginia. Sherise and Tafari were the parents of twins, Savin and Xavier.

Collin Rugg shared a video on Twitter where Campbell is seen practicing backstroke, freestyle, and recording a 40-minute swim workout with his Apple Watch. It was clear that Campbell was in excellent shape.

On Sunday, a male paddle boarder reportedly entered the water, struggled, and then vanished, according to police. Another person paddleboarding on the pond saw him go underwater.

The search for Campbell began with helicopters, boats, divers, and detectives. They paused it for a short time overnight. An underwater recovery unit discovered the victim’s body 100 feet from shore and 8 feet underwater before 10 a.m. on Monday morning.

There is an investigation into the incident by the Massachusetts State Police Detective Unit for the Cape and Islands District and Edgartown Police.

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