My Strange Addiction: Man’s UNUSUAL Affair

( – Millions of people became interested in Nathaniel, an Arkansas resident, after he appeared on “My Strange Addiction” on TLC in 2012. Nathaniel, 37, was caught expressing his love for his 1998 Chevy Monte Carlo, which he named Chase.

In a video from the show, Nathaniel showed his affection for his car by kissing and caressing it while telling Chase how much he loved it. He was initially drawn to Chase at a resale lot and explained that it was love at first sight. Nathaniel claims he felt an inexplicable attraction to Chase.

He said they had a telepathic connection, engaged in different sexual positions, and the two even shared a favorite song.

Nathaniel is one of the few people who experience a condition called Objectophilia. People with this condition form long-lasting emotional, romantic, and physical connections with particular inanimate objects, whether concrete or abstract. Objectophilia might be considered a type of synesthesia, which includes conditions such as perceiving numbers as colors.

The first documented occurrence was in 1979, when a woman named Eija-Riitta fell in love with the Berlin Wall as a child. She eventually married the wall and took its name as her own: Berliner-Mauer. Other people have fallen in love with planes, trains, and bridges.

In a recent update, Nathaniel revealed Chase was no longer in his life. A routine checkup caused an accident that led to the car being damaged and written off. Despite being deeply upset about the loss of his beloved Chase, Nathaniel got through the loss and kept a few things as mementos.

In order to deal with the painful loss, he transformed his room into a memorial for his ex-partner. The bed has a headboard made of Chase’s bumper, and he filled the room with photos of the two of them. Nathaniel said the bedroom is the perfect place to keep Chase close.

Despite still thinking about Chase, Nathaniel reports he’s moved on to several other cars.

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