“Morning Joe” Releases LIST – Biden Should Be Scared!

(USNewsMag.com) – MSNBC’s Scarborough and the other panelists on his March 15 show criticized President Trump over comments he made in a campaign video in which he said that some individuals represent us who hate our nation. Trump continued his video to attack the absence of law and order and open borders.

After first criticizing the campaign ad, Scarborough shifted his focus to Biden’s inaugural year in presidential office.

Scarborough brought attention to the fact that Biden, who campaigned as a centrist and won, now governs as a liberal in office. And, he said, it had failed dismally. Historians will be baffled by the fact that Biden served as the sole moderate candidate in a field of a dozen or more leftists. He was successful because of his moderate stance. Since they were too far to the left, the progressives all failed. They intended to provide healthcare to illegal aliens. That was drastically different from the views of the majority of Americans.

He went on to claim that Biden’s administration had already determined that he would rule in a Marxist fashion. In comparison to the hype, it flopped badly. Scarborough agreed that Biden’s moderate tactics have worked, but he argued leftist initiatives have failed spectacularly.

Scarborough said there are faults in Joe Biden’s administration. He said that they should be able to discuss anything. Criticize Biden for his spending habits or his decision to pull troops out of Afghanistan. If you think the Relief Act is to blame for price increases during his watch, or if you want to discuss the border, you should be able to discuss anything.

It’s vital to put things in perspective, he says, since there are fair issues to fault Joe Biden for and have a fight about. But speaking about the fact that America is the biggest danger to Western civilization is questionable. Then he looked back at Trump with renewed interest.

Mara Gay, a member of the editorial board of the New York Times, chimed in as well, claiming that Trump has been using coded language associated with racial supremacy and fascism.

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