Melania Trump Targeted By “The View” for Speaking Several Languages

Melania Trump Targeted By

( – The Democrat Party claims it supports the American Dream and immigrants coming to the US to succeed. Of course, what the party leaves out is its members seem to only care about the success of the migrants who vote for them. Their treatment of former First Lady Melania Trump has demonstrated that.

During the March 9 episode of “The View,” the liberals on the show interviewed former Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham who served under 45th President Donald Trump. Sunny Hostin claimed the former FLOTUS lied about her education and “claims to speak several languages.” The former press secretary said she had heard her speak three foreign languages, including English which is not the Slovenian immigrant’s native language.

The ladies of “The View” laughed at Melania for apparently not speaking enough foreign languages. Grisham said she spoke five, including English. Shockingly, Whoopi Goldberg stepped in and said the former FLOTUS speaks more than her and praised her for it, but the others continued to laugh.

Throughout Melania’s time in the White House, leftists often attacked her for her speech and accent. When she launched her “Be Best” campaign, they seized on the phrase, saying it was grammatically incorrect. When she spoke at the Republican National Convention in 2020, Bette Midler said the first lady “still couldn’t speak English.”

Melania isn’t even in the White House anymore but the hateful, xenophobic rhetoric has continued. Some might say it’s shameful.

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