Meghan McCain Exposes Why She Left ‘The View’

Meghan McCain Exposes Why She Left 'The View'

( – In July, Meghan McCain, the daughter of late Senator John McCain (R-AZ), announced she was leaving the daytime television show “The View.” At the time, she told TV viewers she decided to quit because she wanted to spend more time in Washington, DC with her husband and daughter. In a new book, however, McCain revealed why she really left the talk show.

According to McCain’s book “Bad Republican,” she decided she was done with the hit show in January when she returned from maternity leave. Apparently, on her second day back, she and Joy Behar began arguing about something when Meghan said, “You missed me so much, Joy … You missed fighting with me.” The liberal co-host responded, “I did not. I did not miss you. Zero.”

In her book, McCain said she broke down into tears on a commercial break. She said that after the show, she continued to cry and vomited. At that point, she decided she was done. The conservative television star said she never really spoke to Behar afterward. In addition to the nasty on-air fights, she hated being on a team that constantly leaked behind-the-scenes drama to the press.

A spokesperson for “The View” responded to the allegations, telling PEOPLE, the magazine, its show is a platform for “strong women” and sometimes they have “surprising moments.” However, they claimed the team is “collaborative and supportive.”

If that were true, why was one of the show’s hosts having panic attacks behind the scenes?

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