McCarthy Just STRIPPED This – Had It Removed!

( – According to SC Republican Rep. Ralph Norman, Kevin McCarthy, House Speaker of California, greased the skids for the Rules Committee conservatives to remove funding for Ukraine from large, pork-laden budget bills.

With conservatives vehemently opposing the presence of Ukrainian assistance in measures like the omnibus bill of $1.7 trillion and the stop-gap funding package, Norman came out against the legislation.

Before the House voted on the omnibus, McCarthy referred to it as a smack across the face of all citizens that voted for them. He was outraged that Republicans in the House would be left out of the decision-making process. The people who voted for them expect them to use the majority that they gave them to make the right choices.

McCarthy, according to Norman, deserves credit for his efforts to place conservative members of the House on more powerful panels like the House Rules Committee. He’s responsible for it happening now. McCarthy has assured us that he would not give Ukraine an open-ended bank account.

When asked whether conservatives on the Rules Committee planned to try to remove Ukrainian assistance from must-pass spending measures (to finance the government), Norman stated that they would make sure that this happened. He elaborated, saying, “If it’s spending American dollars,” then every lawmaker will have to cast a vote on it. We absolutely cannot allow them to mix it with anything that has no bearing on the intended use of the funds.

Representatives Chip Roy (R-TX) and Thomas Massie (R-KY) join Norman as the three new conservatives on the Rules Committee. According to Massie, they can remove financing for the Ukrainian government from mandatory spending legislation in Congress.

Norman said that assistance funding to Ukraine should be tracked and that other countries should pitch in to help. Accountability on spending measures has to come first. But that wasn’t the case. We need to verify its accuracy. We need the help of other nations as well. Our national debt has reached unmanageable levels, and the United States is now providing Ukraine with money we don’t have.

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