Mayor Goes On The Attack – Targets City’s Most Vulnerable

NYC Mayor Announces Mentally Ill To Be Removed From Streets

NYC Mayor Announces Mentally Ill To Be Removed From Streets

( – New York City has a homeless and mental health crisis going on simultaneously — often, the two go hand-in-hand. To deal with the issues, Mayor Eric Adams (D) announced a controversial plan.

On Wednesday, November 30, Adams said the police would be allowed to take mentally ill people into custody involuntarily if they are deemed unable to care for themselves or are a danger to their own wellbeing. The individuals would be placed in hospitals to undergo evaluations and treatments. According to The New York Times, people can be snatched up even if they aren’t a danger to the community.

Adams said there is a “misunderstanding” that the city isn’t able to “provide involuntary assistance unless the person is violent.”

There’s a hot debate over whether the move is the right one. Critics have pushed back on the plan, worried it will violate the civil liberties of individuals with mental illnesses. The Dorm Chief Clinical Officer Amanda Fialk pointed out to NYC1 that just because people aren’t able to keep themselves clean “doesn’t necessarily mean they have a mental illness that warrants hospitalization.” Jawanza Williams, a director at another advocacy group, said laws like the one Adams is using are meant to discriminate.

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