Mayor Adams Blasts Students For ‘Vile Show Of Antisemitism’

( – Mayor of New York City Eric Adams said an investigation by city officials is underway about an incident in Queens, where students protested and rioted inside a school after they found out one of the teachers went to a rally supporting Israel.

On Monday, Hillcrest High School was shut down for about two hours as students rampaged up and down the hallways, forcing a teacher they were protesting against to lock herself inside an office.

Adams posted on Twitter about the incident at the high school in the Jamaica Hills neighborhood, describing it as a “vile show of antisemitism” that “was motivated by ignorance-fueled hatred.” The mayor said such behavior “will not be tolerated” in New York schools. “We are better than this,” he added.

Students organized the protest after a photo of the teacher was discovered on Facebook showing her at a pro-Israel rally with a sign that said, “I stand with Israel.” The students reportedly formed a group chat to organize the event, and some students in the chat suggested “starting a riot.”

On Monday morning, around 11 AM, hundreds of students took to the hallways waving Palestinian flags, chanting, and screaming that the teacher (whose identity hasn’t been released) “has to go.” Scenes from the chaos were posted online and quickly went viral.

The teacher has been employed by the New York school system for over 23 years, the last seven of which she spent at Hillcrest. The teacher told the New York Post that the riot left her “shaken” to her core. She said students have called for violence again online as well as during the riot while outside of her classroom. She added that “no one should ever feel unsafe at school,” whether a student or a teacher.

The mayor reiterated her message, stating that students, teachers, and staff should never “fear for their safety” in New York schools. The incident is the latest in a wave of potential antisemitism spreading across the US after Israel’s military response to the Hamas attack on the Jewish state on October 7.

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