Marine Vet Targets Blue State in 2024 SHOWDOWN!

( – On Aug. 15, Marine Corps veteran Kate Monroe announced she is running in 2024 to unseat Democratic Rep. Mike Levin to represent California’s 49th Congressional District.

Monroe, who is a frequent critic of the homeless crisis in California, stated that she will take a stand against the “woke ideology” that is permeating politics.

Over the past few months, Monroe has been interviewing people who are living on the streets and sharing the videos online in an effort to draw attention to homelessness in San Diego and the surrounding areas.

To solve the homelessness crisis, Monroe suggested a tailored approach that involves first identifying and then helping those she said have been pushed to the streets after a life event or financial hit get back on their feet. She would then focus on those who are homeless and have mental health issues. Lastly, she would focus on those who suffer from severe drug addiction, whom she says are not a good fit for the “housing first” approach that is being used in California and the West Coast.

Monroe is the CEO of VetComm, which has a nonprofit arm that helps homeless veterans transition into housing as well as obtain disability compensation.

The 49th Congressional District covers southern Orange County and portions of northern coastal San Diego County. Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton is located in the 49th Congressional District. Before Levin was elected in 2018, Republican Rep. Darrell Issa represented the district from 2003 to 2019. Issa now represents the 48th District. According to FEC filings, Levin had $511,928 in cash on hand as of April 1.

Republican candidates Matt Gunderson, who ran unsuccessfully for state Senate against Catherine Blakespear in 2022, and Sheryl Adams, who worked for Ford, General Motors, and Hyundai, have also announced they are running for the seat in 2024. In Orange County, Gunderson started and built three auto dealerships. Adams has received an endorsement from Issa.

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