Like Rats From a SHIP – Expert Calls Out Mass EXODUS!

( – The Fox News team continues to lose members, while Tucker Carlson’s team is growing, according to Carlson’s biographer Chadwick Moore.

In a June 17 tweet, Carlson’s current biographer said so far 9 staff members have left Fox News to join Carlson. He went on to add that there are more staff members wishing to leave but are waiting for a job opening with Carlson. According to Moore, each of them reached out to Carlson first.

In a separate tweet, Moore confirmed that one of the 9 staff members is former Tucker Carlson Tonight producer Alexander McCaskill, who took responsibility for a June 13 chyron that called President Joe Biden a “wannabe dictator.” McCaskill resigned within 24 hours of the incident. According to Carlson, he was one of the “most capable people in the building.” McCaskill had worked for Fox News for 10 years, and is one of 3 former producers that have joined Carlson, according to Moore. Carlson discussed McCaskill and the incident in his June 15 video on Twitter.

A senior editorial producer for Carlson’s former show, Thomas Fox, has also joined Carlson’s new team.

The former executive producer of Carlson’s Fox Nation show “Tucker Carlson Originals,” Charles Couger, left Fox News in May.

According to Moore, Carlson’s team was “extremely close,” and most of his former team has stood by Carlson “in the aftermath.”

Moore also stated that staff members aren’t the only ones leaving Fox. Some regular guests, such as Harmeet Dhillon who were on Tucker Carlson Tonight are now refusing to be a guest on Fox News.

Since his departure in April from Fox News, Carlson has started a new show that is hosted on Twitter. The first video is reported to have about 26 million views, while the second video had about 13.2 million views. A third video shows about 18.7 million views currently. In contrast, Fox News current ratings show only two shows in the top 15 for the age 25-54 demographic.

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