Liberal Group LINKED to Domestic Terrorism – They Can’t Hide Now!

( – On March 5, purported far-left agitators attacked a police training center in Atlanta. A Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) staff attorney, Thomas Jurgens, 28, was among the 23 who were detained for what authorities are calling an organized assault.

The SPLC backed Jurgens as a legitimate observer of the rally but made no mention of the purported violence that occurred during the protest.

According to the SPLC spokesperson, Jurgens was detained while serving as a legal observer for the National Lawyers Guild (NLG). The spokesperson claimed that the arrest of an expert like Jurgens was not proof of wrongdoing but rather of excessive police force used against demonstrators.

According to the spokesperson, this is only the latest in a series of increasingly aggressive police actions against demonstrators who are fighting against the devastation of the beautiful Weelaunee Forest so that police may construct a training center. In order to develop intersectional movements, deconstruct white supremacy, and promote the human rights of everyone, the SPLC will keep calling for a de-escalation of police violence and the use of aggression by police against communities.

Rocks, stones, molotov bombs, and pyrotechnics were reportedly thrown at police during the event. Those inciting the unrest even attempted to blind cops with green lasers.

Several items of heavy machinery were reportedly set ablaze in what was subsequently termed by Chief Schierbaum of the Atlanta Police Department as a planned operation. Schierbaum characterized the assault as “a very violent attack.” 

He said that this had nothing to do with police training but was purely anarchy. They are taking swift action due to the violence involved.

The Center for Immigration Studies executive director, Mark Krikorian, has said that the SPLC’s blacklist of conservatives is evil. It lumps together organizations that truly incite hatred, like the KKK, with ones that just do not agree with SPLC’s political inclinations. The purpose is clear: to drive conservative groups to the margins by intimidating reporters and scholars into not covering them and not inviting them to speak about their work.

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